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Oil Safe

Oil Safe Innovative, practical, and durable, OIL SAFE lubricant transfer containers are the global standard of choice for industry, having proven themselves as extremely reliable and critical to best practice lubrication programs for well over a decade.

Color-coded and fully sealing, OIL SAFE lubricant transfer containers ensure the accurate delivery of clean lubricant from bulk storage to point of use every time.

We offer the full line of lids, containers, and accessories.


Des-Case Des-Case products control contamination, while maintaining equipment cleanliness. Des-Case products include state of the art breathers and customizable filtration units that work in various applications and operating environments.

Des-Case desiccant breathers are air filter and water vapor removal systems designed to replace traditional breather caps on fluid containing reservoirs, storage tanks, and gearboxes. The breathers eliminate moisture and contaminants in these systems, thereby improving performance.

Des-Case's FlowGuard line of fluid handling products filter contaminants from lubricants and allow for clean transfer of fluids.


Check Fluid R&G Laboratories offers the full line of CheckFluid products that cost effectively reduces sampling time while ensuring a more accurate, reliable sampling process.

  • Accurate samples - Sample taken from the same location, avoids misleading reports, and sample retakes
  • Faster sampling - Sample faster while the equipment is running
  • Cleaner sampling - Cleaner than drain or dipstick methods, avoids opening the system to external contamination, air, and moisture
  • Safer sampling - Avoid spilling hot oil over hands, equipment, or into the environment
  • Cost effective - low cost per sample, uses less tubing, and reduces tubing disposal cost
  • Ergonomic - Safer and easier for the sample taker

Label Safe

Label SafeSpecially designed for industry, LABEL SAFE is the only industrial grade labeling system in the world that enables accurate lubricant identification from bulk storage to the point of use.

Innovative, practical, and durable, the fully integrated and color-coded LABEL SAFE system:

• Ensures the right lubricant goes into the right machine every time.
• Improves OSHA compliance
• Accommodates inclusion of MSDS at all steps
of the lubrication process
• Enables consistent identification of bulk storage,
intermediate container, and point of use
• Flexible and suitable for multiple work place applications
• Industrial grade, high quality, and suitable for outdoor use
• Improves productivity and efficiency
• Increases bottom line savings

Grease Safe

Grease Safe GREASE SAFE is the innovative, professional solution for grease cartridge storage and handling. Simple, reliable, and durable, GREASE SAFE improves workplace organization and productivity by making the transportation and storage of both new and used grease cartridges easy, clean, and safe.

  • Protects grease cartridges from contamination, weather, and accidental damage
  • Eliminates the frustration of trying to locate grease cartridges when needed
  • Enables clean, safe return of used cartridges from site
  • Improves OSHA compliance
  • Minimizes spillage and waste
  • Transport cartridges, easily on-site and in vehicles, with the CARTRIDGE CADDY 6-pack
  • Provide superior work place organization with the wall mounted CARTRIDGE RACK


R&G Laboratories is a full service laboratory that provides an effective solution for your analysis needs.

Request a FREE breather, We know you'll like our breathers, so we'll send you a free sample to test our quality yourself.

R&G Laboratories carries a full line of sampling supplies and equipment that make taking samples easier, accurate, and faster.

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