Diesel Fuel Analysis

Routine analysis ensures consistent fuel quality. R&G Laboratories performs test packages which can meet and exceed the Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oil per ASTM D975. Contact us today to learn more about D975 and diesel fuel testing.

Below is a listing of tests & typical packages offered.






Ash Content D482
Carbon Residue D524
Cetane Index D976
Cloud Point D2500
Copper Corrosion D130
Density at 15℃ D1298
Distillation D86
Flash Point - PMCC D93
Sediment & Water D1796 / D2709
Sulfur Content D4294 / D5453
Viscosity at 40℃ D445
Micro Organism (Positive/Negative)

Additional Tests Include: Acid Number (D974), API Gravity (D1298), Biodiesel % (D7371), Clear & Bright (Modified D4176), Heat of Combustion (D4868), Oxidation Stability (D2274), Particle Count (ISO 4406), Pour Point (D97), Spectrometric Analysis (Modified D5185 & D4951), Water by Karl Fischer (D6304)