grease analysis

Greases are typically applied in areas where a continuous supply of oil cannot be retained, such as open bearings or gears. Factors to be considered when selecting a suitable grease are NLGI number grade, operating temperatures, water resistance, oxidation stability, dropping point, etc.

The NLGI Number is the most important feature of a grease. A grease that is too thick may not spread into area requiring lubrication, while a grease that is too thin may leak out.

If you are looking for routine testing or more specialized testing we definitely have the ability to assist you.

Below is a list of typical packages offered.





Cone Penetration of Grease
Dropping Point of Grease
Spectrometric Analysis
Modified D5185 & D4951
Analytical Ferrography
Microscopic Analysis

Additional Tests Include: Lithium (Modified D5185 & D4951), Grease Compatibility