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Complimentary Sample Instructions

R&G Labs will provide you with two complimentary wear particle analyses per plant. Many plants do not know what kind of information can be gathered by predictive oil analysis, others want to compare us to their current lab. We are confident that our quality and value will show, but the only way we can prove it to you is to show real results on your actual samples. Please follow these instructions to obtain your free analyses.

first step Pull

Use a two ounce or larger bottle. Make sure it is new and clean. Pull a representative sample of the oil, preferably while the equipment is running or immediately after shutdown. Try to pull from the middle of a reservoir to get a representative sample. If pulling from a valve, clean it thoroughly and then let the oil run for a moment before collecting the sample. If you want R&G Laboratories to supply a bottle and a mailer, please call us and we will send you one at no charge.

second step Identify

Download the paperwork and fill out the following labels thoroughly and apply the label to your bottle. Please fill out the customer information and it along with the sample(s). Make sure to include the lube type and grade, the size of the reservoir and the type of equipment the sample is from. All of these factors great ly impact the recommendations we make based on the raw data from the analysis.

final step Send

Pack and box the samples, including either sorbent or some other material that will absorb oil in case of leakage during shipment. Your samples can be sent regular mail, UPS or through any other shipping company.

Send the samples to:

R&G Laboratories, Inc

Complimentary Oil Analysis

217 Hobbs Street, Suite 105

Tampa, FL 33619